Front Window at the Grand Central Market & Deli 2015
 Origami gifts made for me by ArtPrize visitors in 2015!
 "Chuck" was eating lunch at the Grand Central Market one day and overheard me explaining to other visitors the significance of the "Sadako and the 1000 Paper Crane" mobile, in particular the way some of the cranes were strung together represented the way larger cranes are mailed to Japan by people from all around the world, are strung, and laid at the base of Sadako's memorial sculpture in the Peace Park in Hiroshima, Japan. He went home and found a photo he took decades ago of her memorial and came back to give it to me as a gift. Definitely my most special ArtPrize moment of all.
 Even though there are signs beneath the mobiles that say "Please Do Not Touch," and even though I'm sitting right there beside them, for some people the mobiles are simply irresistible. I sit and watch as their hands reach out to touch them. They usually turn, give me a mortified look, and apologize. They often even say "I read the sign and I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't help myself!" LOL. To help reduce the likelihood of someone pulling on a mobile hard enough to break the delicate lines of monofilament that suspend them I created display strands that are ok for people to touch. So far they've worked out great!
 Front window at the Grand Central Market & Deli 2014
 Incredibly creative and generous visitors to ArtPrize made and gave me all of these origami models during the course of the three week event in 2014.
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